Do you want to join an exciting, growing company with opportunities for advancement? Have a rewarding career when you work with KBR Global IT Solutions to provide world-class services and solutions to our clients.

At KBR Global IT Solutions you’ll join a diverse workforce across the globe. eTeam employs people with a wide spectrum of skills across a range of countries and cultures. Together, we support the systems, services, and processes that run today’s most powerful companies. Our unique identity is underpinned by our unified eTeam culture, our human touch, our values, and our special participative governance model.
Everything we do is guided by corporate responsibility and ethics. Our "Day Out" challenge encourages KBR Global IT Solutions employees across the globe to volunteer in their communities. Wherever you are, whatever job you do, it's great to know you and your colleagues are making a difference.

The KBR Global IT Solutions induction program orients new employees smoothly, enabling them to hit the ground running. It’s more than just information – our induction program builds relationships, knowledge, and understanding. Our comprehensive induction program ensures that all new employees feel like an instrumental part of our success and are confident in their knowledge of the services we offer and how we operate.
Our friendly, open environment encourages experimentation and exploration, both as an employee and an individual. Each of us understands that growth can only be meaningful if it is inclusive, and we encourage one another to reach our full potential. Senior management at eTeam is extremely approachable. We encourage open interaction, reward healthy competition, and recognize outstanding performance.

Our rock-solid values are at the core of our business. We demand the highest standards of ethical behavior from all our employees, from senior executives to recently-hired trainees. And we hold ourselves to those standards - no matter what. We insist - and take pride in - doing the right thing.